We are Blessed are the Broken


About Blessed are the Broken

Husband and wife, Jason and Natalie Wilson, have been leading worship together for 12 years. After years of leading with other artist's songs they felt a calling to begin contributing songs of their own to worship services. Their song writing began with a desire to create the songs of wrestling and lament that were hard to find in the traditional worship repertoire.  They wanted to write songs that captured the full picture of the walk of faith - the joy and hope God's love inspires and also the doubt and fear life in this broken world can bring. They began playing original worship songs while leading their congregation and were encouraged to record a full-length album. Don Chaffer (Waterdeep) agreed to come alongside as their producer and November 4th, 2015 the debut album, Refuge was released. Jason and Natalie have written songs of praise and songs of lament, songs of wrestling and songs of faith. The lyrics were inspired by great Fathers of the faith such as St. Augustine and King David, and from the pain and joy they have personally experienced in their walk with the Lord. 

Refuge was written with hopes of giving you a song to sing wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

What people are saying about Refuge

"Best new album this year! Soulful and raw lyrics give the foundation of this album an honest and overall relate-able feel. The harmonies are what you stay for. Their voices blend together for such a great original, new sound. I can't stop listening"
"I hear more beauty each time I listen. The lyrics are rich and worth meditating on."
"Their gifted melodies and strong arrangements, make their debut album, dare I say… Anointed? Their lyrics convey what the heart cries out. The messages of not being alone and of being strong in weakness are introspective and encouraging. Enchanted by the wide array of stringed instruments, and captivated with the Wilson’s crystal clear vocals, this collection reminds us of a greater story seen through small moments of grace. I have listened to the entire album countless times, and I have a physical reaction to this emotional collection of modern day hymns. Deep fears, released. Dark hurts, mended. I have found solace and relief through the prayers they have put to music."
"Jason and Natalie's debut album, Refuge, is an invitation to their honest prayers, the praises and laments of real people seeking Truth from a real God.  i have the gift of their friendship, their stories- the life behind these lyrics. their words are their actual prayers, encounters with God in the midst of loss, illness, and uncertainty."
"This album is my new favorite. The overall theme of love and hope found in darkness and brokenness is conveyed through genuine lyrics of lament and thanksgiving. No hint of cheesy, bright-side worship tunes. The Wilsons are truly gifted songwriters. "I Am Here" is haunting and beautiful. It fills up my soul. And I have been singing various parts of many other songs throughout my days. They follow me and remind me of God's unchanging love. What a gift."

Our Mission

Our desire is that this site will be a place for you to rest, to bring questions, to crack a smile, and take a deep breath. We will encourage you by shining Light into darkness, finding Hope in His Love, and finding comfort in the Truth. You are not alone.

We are a hurting bunch, we human beings, yet we are loved beyond our comprehension. Join us on a journey of seeking God's goodness in the midst of suffering. Experience love and grow in trust as we seek the Lord in all things. Let's watch together as He uses our brokenness to make something beautiful.

This is not a place for trite answers and the mantra, "everything will be okay." Sometimes everything is NOT okay and it's not going to be this side of heaven.

And yet, God is still good. God is still love. God is still faithful.

God is Enough.

 What does it look like for Him to be our strength as He reveals our deep weakness? What does it mean to be beautiful in our brokenness? What if God wants to use our deepest brokenness for His greatest glory?

Come as you are. You are loved. You are enough, because He is Enough. You can rest here.

Blessed are the Broken.