When There Are No Words

Wordless Prayer – by Amy Carmichael

O Lord, my heart is all a prayer, 

But it is silent unto Thee;

I am too tired to look for words,

I rest upon Thy sympathy

To understand when I am dumb;

And well I know Thou hearest me.

I know Thou hearest me because

A quiet peace comes down to me,

And fills the places where before

Weak thoughts were wandering wearily;

And deep within me it is calm,

Though waves are tossing outwardly.

Where There Is Love

As a child I learned to hide. I came to value independence, at any cost. I would not be a burden. I would not be too much. I would not ask for anything, even from God. As you can imagine, living this way became quite burdensome. Eventually, I collapsed under the weight of the unhealthy standards I had created for myself.

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