Front Porch Inspired

Hi Friends! I want to share a link with you today to a blog I happened upon  a while ago. I honestly don't even remember what brought me there, but I do remember how I felt when I began reading the stories shared there:  inspired. This family and what God is doing for their community through their small steps of obedience gives me BIG hope. I sent the author, Anne, two copies of our CD Refuge and I was amazed when she shared how God used our song You Will Not Forget me in the heart and mind of a member of their family.  Anne asked us some great questions and the full interview is over at her site, Front Porch Inspired today. 

Go check it out and enter her giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of our album Refuge!  Front Porch Inspired Interview, Click Here


Jesus, Rock Of Ages

I am so thankful for good worship music. I just came across this song yesterday and I can't stop listening to it, so I thought I'd share it here.

Christy Nockels wrote this on her blog about this song:  

"One of the first songs that we wrote together for this record is called Jesus, Rock of Ages. It started as a moment alone with Jesus, singing my personal praise to Him at the piano, tears streaming down my face..."I rest my soul on the Rock of the Ages, my feet stand firm on a sure foundation, all my hope in this salvation, Jesus, Jesus, Rock of Ages." As I sang through my tears I felt a hand pressing gently around the back of my neck. It was Nathan, standing quietly there beside me. He knew exactly why I was weeping and singing those words because he lives the story with me. He knew where it came from. He had felt the same disappointments, the same grief over hope deferred and the ending of seasons. He stood and listened, let me cry and hope, faith and trust rose up in our hearts as we finished the song together. A side note is that you'll hear Nathan featured with me on this song vocally. He tried with all his might to get me to invite a male vocalist to feature on the song with me but in the end I just looked at him and said, "babe, it has to be you". This was a song we needed to sing together..."

My heart has been overwhelmed this week, wrestling with sorrow and grief mingled with hope and love. This song is a gift, a reminder of my firm foundation that won't be shaken. I hope it blesses your heart today as it has mine.