Just Show Up

How ironic that after I post about how busy my life was in high school, I have been too busy to write a thoughtful post here. The last week has held many responsibilities and a borderline dangerous amount of coffee. I haven't seen my children enough, I haven't seen my husband enough and I am tired. Even my sweet puppy is looking at me with eyes asking, "where have you been?!" I love my little family and I am pained that my busyness has pulled me away from them so much this week. When will I learn to do life differently? I am a work in progress my friends.

 This weekend I am leading worship for our women's retreat and I am also sharing/teaching a segment. If asked how to enter into a weekend like this, I would say, "make sure you have had plenty of rest and quiet times with the Lord in preparation." And here I am coasting in on fumes. As I bring this before the Lord an unexpected excitement is spreading in my heart. Perhaps coming to this event at the end of myself there will be more room for the Holy Spirit to guide and for the Lord to be the one who shines! Oh, please let it be so! We have been planning and praying for this weekend for months and months. I am deeply thankful for the community of women within our church and I am confident the Lord has great things in store for us this weekend. 

Are you coasting on fumes today? Our theme this weekend is God Is Enough. He is my friends! Ask Him to show you that today. He delights in revealing Himself to you, and revealing Himself to others through you. Sometimes it's all you can do to just show up, and He takes care of the rest. This weekend especially, I am so thankful that is true.