What Kara Tippets Has Inspired

I was introduced to Kara's blog mundane faithfulness by a friend of ours on Facebook. Kara and I worked at the same camp, Eagle Lake, though at different times. Her words were cold water for my parched soul. Finally, someone was talking about suffering without being trite, while also offering hope I could stand on through Christ. Her words were incredible, inspired and inspiring. On Sunday she went home to Jesus.  I wanted to write something yesterday, but I've struggled to find the words. Thankfully, Ann Voskamp at aholyexperience.com has captured this moment beautifully.

I want to carry the torch of her life well lived, by loving BIG, and living in gratitude and hope and wonder - by imagining how God's grace will meet me in my hard. She taught me that hard is not the absence of God's goodness. Oh how I needed to learn that. I am so thankful for how she loved and how she lived and how she shared her journey with us all.  I'm so glad this is only the short goodbye, as we all have eternity together.