Are We There Yet?

My friend and I just drove 12 hours with four children to enjoy our spring break in Florida. The youngest in our party is 2.5 years old. We told her at 5am that we were getting in the car to go to the beach. Naturally, we heard the confused question from her all blessed 12 hours, "where is the beach?" Have you ever felt like this sweet two year old on this journey towards eternity?


"I am taking care of you. I know how hard this is to believe when the conditions that are troubling you get worse instead of better. It's easy to feel as if I am letting you down-as if I really don't care about what you're going through. You know I could instantly change your circumstances, and you can't understand why I seem to be so unresponsive to your prayers. But I repeat: I am taking care of you." - Jesus Today, Sarah Young

Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

I want to be at the beach- all the time....but life seems to be primarily the journey to the beach. Jesus, please show me your peace and joy on this journey and thank you for taking care of me along the way.