I haven't written here in over a week now. If you're a follower if this blog, sorry about that. I don't feel like I have anything to offer even today, but that's kind of the point of this blog. Searching for hope and truth when things are hard; when my soul is overwhelmed.

I've been overwhelmed by life, lots going on, normal things, extraordinary things, great things, hard things. I was already overwhelmed when I got a call on Friday afternoon, the kind of call you never want to get. Hospital, surgery, big decisions, and you're the supposed medical expert in the family.

God is here, He is present, He has never left. Yet, I feel alone, I feel afraid.

Is He trustworthy?


So often Him working things together for our good, does not feel good. It just does not. He is patiently, gently showing me the good beyond my circumstances. The good beyond the circumstances of those that I love dearly. When life is hard I find it difficult to trust Him. My defenses go up and begin to carry burdens that are not intended for me. I am not God. I cannot change my circumstances or the circumstances of those I love. I am left with a choice:  live in fear or trust in Him.

He says He will not forget us; that our names are graven on His hands.

And so, we walk by faith. I cannot see what tomorrow holds, but it does my heart and mind no good to live in fear of tomorrow. Nor is it helpful to let tomorrow enter into today. Do you trust Him? I am trying. He is graciously present. Thank you Lord for pursuing us with your unfailing love and your steadfast kindness, even as we stumble in trusting you along the way.