Where There Is Love

As a child I learned to hide. I came to value independence, at any cost. I would not be a burden. I would not be too much. I would not ask for anything, even from God. As you can imagine, living this way became quite burdensome. Eventually, I collapsed under the weight of the unhealthy standards I had created for myself.

God allowed me to reach a place of brokenness in which I had no choice but to reach out. I had to admit my needs and ask for help. I had to risk being too much. What I found delighted me! True friends are thankful when I share my need rather than overwhelmed or put off. They cannot fix me or my circumstances, but they can intercede on my behalf, and doing so is an honor and a privilege; it is holy ground. My friends can take my needs to the Father with me, or even for me when I do not have the strength. Their love is a light that shines on the darkness in my heart. They speak truth that dispels the lies festering within. This love is not from their own strength, it is an extension of the Love they themselves have received.

When giving a gift to another that requires sacrifice, do you desire that the person given to feel a deep sense of burden in receiving your gift? Do you want them to feel guilty, ashamed, sad that they needed your help? Of course not! You desire that your gift be received with joy and thanksgiving and that maybe one day that person could share with another in a similar way. Even if they don't share in the future, you are still happy to give and would desire only that they be free and filled with joy, not burdened. How much more does our Father desire us to live in this freedom and joy? He expresses His love every day, through friends, through His creation, through His word. Today, even if just for a moment, lay down your burdens, your fears, your doubt. Live in the joy and gratitude of His great love and receive from the well that will never run dry!